Mei Manometre
Manometría e instrumentación, S.l. ( MEI ) is a manufacturer and exporter of pressure gauges, thermometers and all types of industrial instrumentation.
MEI comes from "Talleres Mecánicos Breca", a family business established in Barcelona city in 1953 as a manufacturer specialized in the production of pressure gauges that had more 30 years of activity and got to be very well known in the Spanish market. Mei, has a very extensive experience in the production of High Quality Industrial Instrumentation like stainless steel manometers and chemical seals.

Since its establishment, Mei, counts with the experienced management of Mr. Joseph Ponsà (Industrial Engineer) who, since his childhood, experienced his father’s dedication to manufacture manometers.

MEI has 2 manufacturing plants. One in Spain with the newest technology and machines, enabling us to manufacture High Tech and Added Value products (Navy Industry, Aviation, Chemical, Food) and another one in Asia enabling us to manufacture consumer product with excellent quality – price relationship.

Always performing an strict quality inspection to assure reliability for all our products..

Our quality policy is: "to satisfy our customers needs and reasonable expectations at the first time and all the times", loyalty and customer satisfaction is our biggest concern. Thanks to it our company has rapidly grown in the Spanish and International markets. MEI is ISO9001:2000 certified.

We would like you to visit our web site and to know all the different product offered by our company.



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